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Welcome to Lucy Morice Kindergarten

Lucy Morice Kindergarten in North Adelaide has a long-standing and proud history stemming from 1935. The kindergarten grew from a desire by the founder Lucy Morice, to provide a garden of wonder for children to explore and learn; as well as improving the health and wellbeing of children in the community.

A strong sense of moral purpose continues today, with families valuing the kindergarten for its leafy, established surrounds and close proximity to the parklands and city.

Our quality play based program, is provided in an emotionally nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment, where children can develop dispositions for life long learning. We value and continually develop respectful and reciprocal relationships within the Lucy Morice Kindergarten community.

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Our Educators

• Are committed to providing a play based curriculum that recognises that all children are capable and competent learners
• Create an environment where children can use their imagination and curiosity to investigate, wonder, discover, create and learn
• Support children to build secure and reciprocal relationships with each other and with educators
• Use their knowledge of each child’s strengths and interests to plan next steps towards new learning experiences
• Celebrate the uniqueness of each child and respect individual and cultural differences
• Have high, reasonable expectations for all children
• Value and encourage persistence, empathy and optimism
• Value close partnerships with families to enhance achievement and wellbeing
• Support children to develop positive dispositions to discovery and learning

Our Facilities

The indoor area consists of two large spaces, which accommodate a range of educational opportunities and experiences and an area for group time gathering. The centre is well equipped with resources to support literacy and numeracy development, as well as construction equipment, games, puzzles, art materials, music, and books.

The outdoor area has been upgraded and offers a large covered sand pit area, a large climbing space, shady trees, a designated climbing tree, vegetable garden, natural lawn and garden beds, a water pump, mud kitchen, a quiet fairy garden and many other play spaces.


Our educators are guided by the principles and practices that underpin the curriculum document Early Years Learning Framework of Australia.

The Early Years Learning Framework of Australia recognizes that early childhood is a critical time in children’s development.
It emphasizes the appropriateness of play-based learning. Social and emotional development is also highlighted, as is early literacy and numeracy development.

The vision is that all children experience:

Belonging: “knowing where and with whom you belong, is integral to human existence”

Being: “recognizes the significance of the here and now in children’s lives”

Becoming: “emphasizes learning to participate fully and actively in society” *

*Early Years Learning Framework of Australia

Our curriculum content is based on observations of children’s interests as well as their engagement with play experiences. Information gathered from children’s knowledge, experiences and interests steer inquiry projects. These projects are developed with the children and are designed to challenge thinking and build new learning.

The program is inclusive of all children, cultures and additional needs.

In addition to the daily play activities, from time to time we offer other experiences including:
• Dancify
• Stay and Play
• Short walks in the community
• Excursions
• Incursions
• Little Athletics


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